Sustainable Assistance for Rural Fish Farming and Small Enterprise Development (SARFF & SED)

This project will train and support poor and marginal farmers to cultivate quick growing fish in their fallen ponds for increased family nutrition and income. It also aims to help small entrepreneurs to expand their businesses and create employment opportunities for the local poor and unemployed. This program is very promising for holistic development as World Concern helps the people to build up capacity by providing training and credit for their fish cultivation and small entrepreneurs to become socially and economically self-reliant.

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1) To improve family nutrition of marginal farmers by cultivating fish in their fallen ponds by applying modern techniques; 2) To provide economic oppourtunity to farmers by providing them loans for fish cultivation; 3) To increase profit of bazar entrepreneurs and expand their business by providing loans; and 4) To help increase family income of the farmers by selling fish in the market.


  • Bangladesh


  • Agriculture
  • Economic Recovery and Development
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