Café SANO: Seguridad Alimentaria y Nutricional Oportuna, Guatemala

This project seeks to improve the food security and nutrition of 1050 coffee farm workers and their families in twelve communities belonging to three municipalities of Cuena del Rio Ocho, Huehuetenando department, Western region of Guatemala. Farmers will receive training and supplies to rear livestock and produce highly nutritious staples, as well as high value crops and honey. Through sound natural resource management and selling of surplus production to markets, the project will also contribute to raising incomes and reducing farmers' vulnerability to climate change. Heifer's agricultural, environmental, and values-based organizational initiatives also hope to strengthen these communitiies' capacity, access and connection to Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and related entities in the fair trade/organic supply chain, strengthening critical long-term trade relationships toward sustainable income.


  • Guatemala>Huehuetenango


  • Agriculture
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