Beoog Biiga

The overall goal of the project—Beoog Biiga (Tomorrow’s Child)—is to reduce food insecurity through improving education, health and nutrition, and building capacity at the local level. The project provides school meals and take-home rations. At the same time, emphasis is put on girls’ education, participatory learning, and community capacity building to improve the school environment. School health and nutrition activities focus on health education, deworming and the distribution of Vitamin A and Iron. And finally, a wider package of activities that includes Saving and Internal Lending Communities (SILC) and community-led development projects are piloted in 50 schools.


• School Canteen • Take Home Rations for girls • Support to preschools • School Health and Nutrition • Capacity building (community projects through REFLECT approach) • Saving and Internal Lending Communities (SILC) • Advocacy for Improvement in the School Environment


  • Burkina Faso>Centre-Nord>Bam
  • Burkina Faso>Centre-Nord>Sanmatenga


  • Economic Recovery and Development
  • Education
  • Food Aid
  • Health