Integrated Development Project for the Prevention of HIV/AIDS in Champassak

The Integrated Development Project for the Prevention of HIV/AIDS aims to prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS in seven villages (6,555 individuals) along the Laos-Thai border located in the Phonthong District of Champassak Province. To do so, the project will address push factors surrounding the epidemic, such as insufficient food, livelihoods, and education. Activities include campaigns on HIV/Aids and safe migration; youth skill and leadership development though youth center; farmer support through rice bank and farming technology training; village savings and loan program; participatory hygiene and sanitation training; improvements to sanitation facilities; health training; and distribution of medical kits. Tag: 3117

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Conduct assessments in target communities to identify food gaps, health issues, and effectiveness. Identify and support school-aged children needing education support, including children orphaned by migrating parents, orphaned by HIV/AIDS, under the care of elderly or sick relatives, and other vulnerable children. Develop and implement campaign activities to bring awareness and prevention of HIV and AIDS.

Cross-cutting issues

Gender, child protection, people with impairment/disabilities


  • Laos>Champasak


  • Economic Recovery and Development
  • Education
  • Health
  • Protection
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