FAO Telefood Special Fund Umbrella Project to Support Income Generation across 11 Communities in Ukraine

The main goal of this project is to provide the means and opportunities to community members across Ukraine to increase their income and improve their well-being through the production of high quality animals and/or plants, training, and access to modern technologies. In addition, project participants will be required to fulfill pass on of the gift requirement and donate part of their income to the community special fund, which will then be used to extend the list of project participants and/or to implement various social projects in the communities. This project will have a high impact on the lives of community members. We estimate at least a 15% increase in the income of families and a significant improvement of their well-being as result of enhanced nutrition and additional income from marketing and selling produce. The extent of this project is unprecedented in Heifer CEE history as it will impact 822 families all over the country. The project will also significantly impact many aspects of the community life, including gender equity, agroecological issues, enterprise development, growth and development of the cooperative, bring in new employment opportunities, help unite people for a common goal, improve animal well-being, organize youth, etc.


  • Ukraine


  • Agriculture
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