USAID Budikadidi

Budikadidi, meaning ‘self-sufficiency’ in Tshiluba, is implemented by Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and its partners NCBA CLUSA, Caritas Mbuji Mayi, Réseaux Femmes et Développement (REFED) and Human Network International (HNI) to achieve sustained nutrition, food security and economic well-being outcomes for 263,935 participants in three rural health zones in Kasai Oriental province. Budikadidi interventions holistically address key underlying causes of food security in Kasai Oriental. These include structural factors such as limited access to diversified foods in sufficient quantity and quality, seeds, seed saving or improved storage, unaccountable institutions and structures, poor governance, limited livelihood opportunities, and inaccessible and unintegrated markets. In addition, many vulnerable farming households lack knowledge and skills in improved care practices, access to health services, climate-smart and time-saving technologies and techniques for agricultural production, and general household management. Through this partnership, NCBA CLUSA is the lead on sustainable Governance, youth and gender integration and value chain development.

Cross-cutting issues

gender, youth, governance


  • Democratic Republic of the Congo>Kasai-Oriental


  • Agriculture

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