Building Resilience in Borno State

The previous seven years of violence between Nigerian armed forces and armed opposition groups has caused mass displacement and drained state and community resources. More than 1.8 million remain displaced in the North. Previously inaccessible areas in Northeastern Borno are now opening, revealing populations in dire need of support. Many have no assets and have resorted to negative coping strategies, such as reduced number of meals, child labor, asset selling, and debt contraction. GAM rates stand at 27.3% and SAM rates at 8.7%, both very severe. Food production has declined, and poor nutrition conditions are exacerbated by limited access to safe drinking water and poor sanitation. With support from state and local institutions, the action aims to build resilience and sustainability in Borno and enhance the capacity of public institutions and affected communities to anticipate and react to the challenges of poverty, social cohesion, climate change and crisis/security.


The project will cover multiple sectors at once in the targeted area, with support to the health and nutrition sector, to WaSH and renewable energy systems, and finally to the livelihoods sector. The intervention will support the transition to development from emergency, linking to state and local resources. Activities include strengthening government institutions’ capacity to lead and coordinate reconstruction efforts, improved access to health care services through the rehabilitation of 10 health facilities, mass MUAC screenings and provision of CMAM support, train and sensitize community volunteers on healthy nutrition and feeding practices, and the provision of 30 high quality water points with networks and solar pumps. The project will also lead cash for work activities, support other income generating activities including small businesses, and set up farmer field schools.

Cross-cutting issues



  • Nigeria>Borno


  • Disaster Prevention and Preparedness
  • Food Aid
  • Health
  • Water Sanitation and Hygiene

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