Multi-sectoral Nutrition, WaSH and Livelihood Support to the Vulnerable Population of Yobe State

The action aims to strengthen the technical capacity of Government institutions, including community structures for improved access to nutrition treatment and preventive services, safe water and sanitation including hygiene promotion and access to social protection support for most vulnerable households. The action aimed will focus on treating severely acutely malnourished children aged 6-59 months through health facilities and promoting optimal infant and young child feeding, health and hygienic practices among pregnant and lactating mothers.


To achieve the intended results and successfully hand over the activities to government Action Against Hunger will implement following strategy: Development of a joint action plan with SMoH team based on CMAM quality assessment which will guide technical capacity building activities and gradual hand over of facilities; Reinforcement of capacity at state, LGA and facility level through series of trainings/joint supervision/ on job coaching; Supporting health workers providing CMAM in 12 remote sites once in every 2 weeks with a tentative plan that government will continue the outreach sites upon completion of the action; Continue to support existing care group network of lead mothers with provision of Nutrition and hygiene promotion; v) hand over health facilities to government supervision with standard treatment practices identified by the periodic CMAM quality monitoring and on job mentoring to facilities; and Working with community on availability of clean drinking water and sanitation services. The response of vulnerable people to social security related stress differs, and this also lead to variation in their coping strategies. This will be studied under the social protection safety nets with the variation of cash disbursement over the 16 months periods. The outcome shall be useful for future decision on social protection in the target area.

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