PAIR II - Productive Asset to Improve Resilience

In recent years, we have been observing longer and more intense droughts and floods in the province of Preah Vihear, resulting in low crop collection, and shortage of water, strong variations in market prices and eventually leads to more vulnerability and food insecurity. Since 2016, this intervention has helped increase the resiliency of vulnerable households by providing food, which has contributed to prevent food shortage and food insecurity, in exchange for work to improve the household’s and communities’ assets. For this new phase, we propose to improve our previous mechanism of asset promotion, and integrate new types of assets answering the water and food shortage issues raised by the communities and identified by local authorities met, such as tertiary canals, home gardening and nutritious fruit trees.


In 2018, the Action Against Hunger intervention will mobilize the communities to restore and/or create productive assets for both the community and the household levels. The FFA intervention proposed by Action Against Hunger in partnership with the World Food Program will cover 54 villages and aims at providing: The construction of 300 household water infrastructures (family ponds) associated with capacity building on assets management/maintenance. The construction of water management infrastructures (tertiary canal, dams) estimated for 2000m. Capital in rice for 37 Rice banks benefiting a target of 1480 households, associated with the necessary capacity building for the autonomous management of rice banks at the village level. The creation of 300 improved homestead gardening sets associated with related relevant trainings The construction of 2160 poultry and pig raising sets and associated trainings on hygiene promotion and prevention of malnutrition and communicable disease animal divagation. The promotion of 1200 fruit trees with high nutritional value (moringa).


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