Implementing Food for Assets (FFA)

Action Against Hunger will conduct cash for assets activities to utilize food and cash aid resources to pay for community, public works programs, or income generating activities and human skill development. The cash or food would not only be used as a means of creating work, but also to transform the output into assets and build resilience of vulnerable communities in the wake of future shocks. The project's objectives are, 1. To improve access to food and diet diversity for the most vulnerable and food insecure households. 2. To boost access to livelihood assets that ensure early recovery, reduce disaster risks and build long term resilience shocks. 3. To promote gender equality. 4. To contribute to the peaceful coexistence amongst the community. 5. To enhance human skills and knowledge.


Activities include restoration of productive capacity of arable lands through cultivation; development of community assets through the construction of ponds and roads; and the construction of dykes and flood control dilates to improve climate adaptation. Women in girls will be targeted specifically for livelihoods activities, representation in committees, and participation in trainings, and community members will be involved at all levels of project implementation.


  • South Sudan


  • Economic Recovery and Development
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