Emergency Relief and Assistance for Conflict-Affected Populations

Action Against Hunger aims to reduce vulnerability of women and children in Nigeria. The project will improve recovery and livelihoods among vulneralbe, conflict-affected populations in Borno State through integrated emergency livelihoods, water, sanitation and hygiene and shelter interventions.


In Cash for Work programs, 800 vulnerable HHs will be targeted with CfW to improve/restore basic infrastructure including clearing waste and debris from drainage and water ways in urban areas and clearing or recovery of community access to agricultural lands and water sources for rural areas. Cash Grants for Small and Medium Businesses, or Seed Vouchers, will follow the stabilization of income of targeted HHs, thereby allowing them to invest in productive assets, and shall focus on the revival of livelihoods of 600 HH with the greatest potential to recover agricultural and non-agricultural livelihoods (e.g. through access to land and/or prior experience) out of the 800 supported under the first activity. In water, ACF will improve access to safe water supply through rehabilitation and drilling of boreholes. Communities with the greatest needs will be identified in collaboration with the local authorities (RUWASA and SPHCMB). With sanitation and hygiene, the project will facilitate the provision of access to safe excreta disposal through the construction of 20 emergency latrine/shower blocks, each block consisting of four latrine stances and two attached shower compartments.


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