Integrated Economic Empowerment Program Anglican Development Services Nyanza, Kenya

Since 2013, ADS –Nyanza has been implementing an economic empowerment program geared towards improved socio-economic status of 900 direct and 2,700 indirect households’ targets in three years. The program’s purpose to improve the overall livelihood levels of the targeted households through Integrated Economic Empowerment, Health, Wash and Food Security program. ADS – Nyanza implemented Savings with Education (SwE) model with the aim of improving savings and increasing access to credit of rural women. The idea is to have households with economic power to address their livelihoods i.e. health, WASH, and food security challenges. From the business incomes, women have been able to address household livelihood issues like food security and better health services. This year, the program plans to strengthen and expand SwE education model to reach out to 3,000 rural women and youths with financial services. To enhance food security in the SwE targeted households, the program previously supported poultry value chain development. In this phase of the project, ADS – Nyanza targets to continue with supporting poultry value chain development and also to initiate and support bananas value chain development through technical capacity development, modern technology provision, market access and business support strategies. The program will ensure farmers are more agri-business inclined to produce for domestic consumption as well as market surplus quality farm produce after relevant trainings and linkage formation. The program will develop a matching input access package for the vulnerable households in which the project will support them with inputs equivalent to farmers own contribution as this will strengthen ownership and sustainability. The organization also has established relationship with key stakeholders in the line ministries. ADS – Nyanza has mobilized and registered a total of 388 PLWHIV out of the targeted 300 PLWHIV for a period of three years. The mobilized PLWHIV have since formed support groups and benefited from nutrition focused capacity building initiatives, Psychosocial support, Adherence counseling and referrals to the health facilities for more expertised health services. In this phase of the project covering 2015, ADS – Nyanza wishes to continue with implementation of this strategy and scale up HIV Testing and Counseling, Capacity building initiatives to PLWHIV and to increase their access to health services through the promotion of CBHF. ADS – Nyanza observed the need to engage more with the implementation of Integrated Community Case Management (iCCM) targeting children below 5 years of age. ADS – Nyanza intends to use the existing Government structures such as the Community Health Unit, CHW’s, CHEW’s, Health personnel and the existing community supply chains. ADS – Nyanza will therefore implement an intervention that seeks to empower the CHW’s to do conduct community case identification and management of the 3 mentioned childhood illnesses. Besides, ADS – Nyanza will build the capacity of CHW’s, CHEW’s, ECD volunteers, Mother to Mother support group members and the ministry of health personnel at Sub County and health facility level on Social Behavior Change Communication (SBCC). The intervention will help reduce childhood mortalities and also reduce health facility work load.


Quarterly Mother to Mother and ECD caregiver meetings, Hand washing Facilities installed in ECD centers, Registration of PLWHIV, Refresher Psychosocial Support, CHV Incentive Kit Distribution, Promotion meetings with leaders church leaders (Mothers Union, Youth chapter) disaggregated by group type, Training of replicators, Formation of Savings Groups, Management of overall savings portfolio, Financial and Business Management training, Community mobilization and targeting meetings, GAP Training, TOT Training, Establishment of model farms, Livestock Management Training, Livestock Upgrading Support, Farm Input Support, Stakeholders Meetings, Nursery Support, Mobilize and Induct identified church leaders as CBHF mobilizers, Outreach meetings to popularize CBHF/Social Marketing Day, Training of CBHF leaders on scheme management and risk monitoring, Sensitize SWE group members on diseases prevention, World Aids Day, SBCC/iCCM TOT Refresher Training (Includes messaging on skilled delivery, 4th ANC visit, and home visit training), CHW Refresher Training on ICCM, SBCC/iCCM TOT Refresher Training (Includes messaging on skilled delivery, 4th ANC visit, and home visit training), Mentorship for Men - Quarterly Meetings, Community Dialogue and Community Action Days, Malezi Bora Week


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  • Agriculture
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  • Health
  • Water Sanitation and Hygiene

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