Community participation to improve water sanitation and hygiene in Guatemala

World Neighbors works in two regions in Guatemala: the southern basin of Atitlan Lake in the department of Solola, inhabited by Cachiquel, Zuhutil and Quiche ethnic groups; and the department of Chiquimula, Chorti region, inhabited by the Ch’orti people. In both zones 98% of the population is formed by native ethnic descendants with high rate of poverty and extreme poverty. World Neighbors partners with local organizations: The Centro de Procesamiento de Alimentos Nueva Esperanza – CPANESA and Asociacion de Mujeres Olopenses – AMO Chorti. Further diversification and expansion of activities will consider the involvement of new partners, according to our strategic plan and methodology.


• Improving capacities of local farmers to ensure sustainable organic agriculture of coffee plantations and fostering crop diversification to prevent income decline. • Training and equipping of parents and building of home gardens with participation of community volunteers to improve dietary diversity in Atitlan and Chorti. • Implementation of water systems with active participation of communities and local governments to improve safe water availability for 10 communities (4000 families). • Dissemination of water purification information to head of households, community volunteers, school teachers and students. • Installation of 680 improved smokeless stoves to reduce the incidence of respiratory diseases. • Support to artisan women entrepreneurships and small businesses in Atitlan and Chorti, through training in savings and credit.

Cross-cutting issues

Gender equity/ Local capacity building/ Sustainable agriculture and rural livelihoods/ Community health/Community-based natural resource management/ Community based credit and savings


  • Guatemala>Solola
  • Guatemala>Chiquimula


  • Agriculture
  • Economic Recovery and Development
  • Health
  • Water Sanitation and Hygiene

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