Development of business models for partnerships with the private sector as an instrument for forest recovery

The objective of the project is to recover 180,000 hectares of forest in 30 communities of the Sierra of Lacandon National Park (PNSL), the Refugio de Vida Silvestre Bocas del Polochic (RVSBP), and Reserva de la Biosfera Sierra de las Minas (RBSM) from the implementation of business models in cooperation with the private sector, and the proejct will seek to diversify sources of income in the communities with the establishment of value chains. As a result, the project will retain biodiversity and the provision of goods, as well as the ecosystem that contributes to mitigation and adaptation to climate change. Approximately 2,000 families will directly benefit from project activities, The specific criteria developed from the results of the project will be integrated into national and international policies and strategies to create an enabling environment for partnerships within the private sector.


  • Guatemala


  • Agriculture
  • Environment

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