Empowering Women in Kordofan though Non-wood Forest Products for Income and Food Security (NEF-UK)

NEF will increase the sustainable income, leadership and inclusion of vulnerable women involved in the non-wood forest products sector (i.e., Gum Arabic, B. aegyptiaca, Z. spina-christi, T. indica, A. digitata, and forest honey) in 9 villages in South and North Kordofan through association building, improved market inclusion, entrepreneurship training, and collaborative natural resource management. Increase the income of 2,242 women by 40-100% and asset accumulation by 10%, Reverse local forest degradation by 6% annually, form and build the capacity of three cluster-level producer organizations, Incubate 36 high-growth women-run enterprises, decreased prevalence of households that experience food insecurity by 10% yearly over 3 years


  • Sudan


  • Agriculture
  • Economic Recovery and Development
  • Environment
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