Floresta Burundi

After Burundi’s civil war ended in 2006, large numbers of refugees who had fled the violence began returning to their homeland, exacerbating the need for ethnic reconciliation, food security, and economic development. More than 90 percent of people in Burundi depend on the land for survival through farming, but the land has largely been degraded due to war, over-farming, deforestation, and drought. In response, Plant With Purpose’s local partners Floresta Burundi empowers farmers and former refugees to to restore their land and increase food security. Currently, more than 1.6 million trees have been planted, and more than 6,300 farming families are involved with Floresta Burundi. These partnering farmers harvest 32 different crops in comparison to the 25 crops of nonparticipants. They implement agroforestry techniques, utilize sustainable farming methods, and plant trees to help the land once again produce bountiful harvests. Floresta Burundi currently partners with more than 90 churches, and facilitates more than 260 savings and loans groups, which allow members to avoid high interest rates on loans, save money, send their children to school, and invest in their futures.

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Activities include training for rural farmers in sustainable techniques such as organic fertilizers, agroforestry, reforestation efforts, soil conservation, family gardens, and rainwater harvesting. Support is also provided for savings-led microfinance groups and building church leadership.

Cross-cutting issues

environment, community development


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  • Agriculture
  • Economic Recovery and Development
  • Environment
  • Conflict Prevention and Resolution/Peace and Security
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