Bogale Development Program

This Development Program aims to improve the well-being of children, especially the most vulnerable, using an approach that is long term (15-20 years), holistic, focused on children, and seeks to enable their families, local communities and partners to address the underlying causes of poverty. These root causes are not just lack of access to the basic necessities of life like water, food or health care, but also include inequities like gender or ethnic discrimination, or abusive practices like exploitation or domestic violence that affect a child’s well-being.


25 community-based organizations were trained in income-generating projects such as pig raising, rice cultivation, and fish farming. The funds generated from these activities provided additional income to vulnerable households for children's needs. To ensure sustained development in the future, we trained 33 community-based organizations on leadership and community development. 49 youth attended a vocational training we organized to provide them with economic opportunities. Three of the students participated in an intensive training on motorcycle repair, opened their own garage, and began earning income for themselves and their families. Nine early childhood care development centers improved their quality of education as a result of teacher training, classroom materials, and playground equipment we provided. 129 community members were equipped with knowledge on how to mitigate risk and prepare for natural disasters such as flooding. 30 community-based organizations took part in a series of meetings that equipped them to handle cases of child rights violations such as human trafficking. 15 children's groups were formed to conduct peer-to-peer education in the community on child rights, child participation, and anti-trafficking messages. We formed 30 child care teams who are responsible for monitoring children. All 30 care teams were trained in child protection, child participation, and social mobilization.


  • Myanmar>Ayeyawaddy


  • Agriculture
  • Disaster Prevention and Preparedness
  • Economic Recovery and Development
  • Education
  • Protection

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