Majete Malaria Project

This project is a large malaria control programme with various operational research components, in communities surrounding the Majete Wildlife Reserve (MWR). Since 2003 MWR is being managed by African Parks and restored into an environmentally and financially sustainable park. A wide range of animal species have been re-introduced within the now fenced park, and it is an increasingly successful tourism attraction. The area immediately surrounding Majete (the ‘Majete Perimeter’) is home to a population of approximately 150,000 people, who until 2003 had come to consider the protected area as a source of timber, grass and firewood, and in some cases, agricultural land. While adequate natural resources are available in most of the areas outside the fence, African Parks implements a pro-active strategy of community-based conservation, to serve conservation interests and development of the surrounding communities simultaneously.



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    A project from 5 different sectors in Malawi by The Hunger Project

    Throughout Africa, The Hunger Project s Epicenter Strategy mobilizes the population of a cluster of villages within a 10km radius to create an epicenter, or a center from which community-led development emanates... Learn more

    Last updated April 28, 2017