Solar Cookers International

Solar cooking can improve a woman’s health, her children’s health, her household budget, her field’s ability to grow crops, her personal safety, and her educational opportunities. The sun’s free, zero-emissions energy produces no household air pollution, preserving the environment as people cook food and pasteurize drinking water. Solar Cookers International works to improve human health, quality of life, and environments for nearly 3 billion people who cook over open fires by promoting solar thermal cooking technology. We’re distinguished by our projects, partnerships, advocacy and outreach to the global solar cooker community. Support SCI and get involved.

Acronym: SCI

Primary Address

2400 22nd Street #210

Sacramento, CA 95811



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  • Friends of the Old

    A project from 4 different sectors in Kenya

    Friends of the Old (FOTO) works in Kisumu, in the Lower Nyakach region of western Kenya, an area with a population of 69,000, where 60 of the residents live in severe poverty. Their main source of household energy... Learn more

    Last updated August 22, 2017