Consejo de Iglesias Evangélicas para la Alianza Denominacional (CEPAD)

CEPAD, the Council of Evangelical Churches for Denominational Alliance (Consejo de Iglesias Evangelicas para la Alianza Denominacional), was established as an ecumenical effort in response to the crisis caused by the 1973 earthquake that destroyed Managua. After serving for more than 15 years as an ecumenical, humanitarian-aid, and development agency, in recent years CEPAD became the council of protestant churches. CEPAD has a unique strategy for supporting vulnerable communities in Nicaragua. It is a process of partnership with village organizations—pastoral committees and collectives—for a cycle that lasts 5 years from start to finish. CEPAD is able to partner with 40 to 50 communities in each 5-year term. The aim is to share expertise, encouragement and resources in a manner that creates self-sufficiency and sustainability after 5 years of accompaniment.

Acronym: CEPAD

Primary Address

De la Rotonda del Periodista

200 Metros al Sur, 100 Metros al Este

Managua, Departamento de Mantagua



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