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  • Earthquake Response

    A project from 4 different sectors by World Renew

    Provided emergency food assistance, temporary shelters, tarps, blankets, water, and sanitation and hygiene programs. Trained masons on techniques to construct earthquake resistant houses. Constructed... Learn more

    Last updated December 11, 2017

  • Holistic Development Project- Nepal

    A project from 5 different sectors by World Neighbors

    Holistic development of rural communities through intervention of integrated approach in areas around Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Livelihood, Community Based Natural Resources Management and Community... Learn more

    Last updated December 6, 2017

  • Nepal Sabal Mission Funds

    A project from 3 different sectors by Save the Children (USA)

    The Sabal program aims to improve resilience and food security among target populations in six districts of Central and Eastern Mid-hills. Three program purposes contribute to this overarching goal 1) Livelihoods... Learn more

    Last updated September 19, 2017

  • Nepal Orphan Sponsorship

    A project from 4 different sectors by Zakat Foundation of America

    Zakat Foundation sponsors 51 orphans in Nepal We consider children who have lost one or both parents to be orphans. The loss of one or both parents as a result of war, illness, or natural disaster is a traumatic and... Learn more

    Last updated February 20, 2015